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All about a1000faces Project & Me


I have two passions; teaching and photography.

I discovered that portrait photography is more than taking pretty pictures; but using composition and framing to tell a unique story and I am determined to explore portrait photography a lot more.  

I absolutely love teaching early years. I have spent the last decade working with 3-5 year olds and helping to shape young minds in London, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait; and my experience so far have been truly astounding.

My passion for photography started while heading the Music and Media Pre-Prep department at Brighton College in Abu Dhabi. I started photographing school events and assemblies, initiated classroom media projects and very quickly realized my profound interest in taking close up profiles of smiles, laughter, and other expressions.


Combining my passion for photography with the skills I have gained from teaching (including communications and human relations), I took a bold step and initiated the 1000 faces project. Through this project – capturing close up shots of everyday people of diverse ages and walks of life and spending time to get to know them – each person has shared their unique experiences and stories with me. I love that just a twenty-minute session of photography can become an hour of sharing goals, aspirations, hopes and dreams.


About a1000faces

I believe that each person has a story to tell and this is a platform for people to share their goals and aspirations. I want to be able to capture each face that tells a unique story.

a1000faces represents a collection of faces gathered over time of people from different backgrounds, ages and skin colour. With the aim of capturing several faces of everyday people with fascinating lives, I want to show the uniqueness and beauty of each face through photo, but also capture interests, dreams, goals and aspirations through stories.


I aspire to be a good photographer and I am excited to share my journey with the world as I develop my portrait photography skills. I aim to get to that point where each photo tells a unique story. a1000facesProject is my journey from an amateur to a professional photographer.

This is my story. 


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