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Face 72.

I love taking on new opportunities to excel towards my dreams. Each day is a new opportunity and adventure for me, so to push myself, I explore different places and take on new adventures and learn from different people I meet each day.

Obstacles in my life have motivated me to follow my dreams from a young age. Majority of my life, I have had a passion for performing and being on stage. Ever since being chosen to play, ‘Mary’ in a nursery nativity and going to dance classes as a child which, my Mum encouraged me to do, I have always had an interest in this field. I had a normal nine to five job for a while and realised that it wasn’t the path I wanted to take, as it wasn't my passion in life. I am determined to be the best I can be and push myself to my fullest potential and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams.

Moving to London from Bristol in 2011 was the beginning of my journey. I came to London and studied social work along with Psychology and Sociology I was interested in learning about the society and the human mind. However, after completing the course, I soon realised that dance was still my passion. Soon after, I enrolled at a Dance Academy, (Dance United) which, later on encouraged me to study my degree in Inclusive Performance for three years.

Today I am a full-time Model, Dancer and Actress and I have been actively involved in promotions and events with a variety of large companies such as Virgin Media, Virgin Sport, London Hair Academy, Geartek, Stadiums and Vauxhall Cars. Even though every day is a new adventure and a challenge for me, I enjoy the fact that every day is different and unique. So far, I have worked with Saatchi Gallery, Huwaei, Channel 4, NBC Universal, Bollywood TV, Sky TV and I have featured in videos with some well-known music artists. I have also been involved in a variety of modelling projects for photographers and clothing brands. One of my greatest achievements to date is being featured as a model in Saatchi Gallery for an exhibition titled, ‘From Selfie To Self-Expression’ which was sponsored by Huwaei. I am also proud of featuring in a Bollywood Movie starring, 'Arjun Kapoor' where I featured as a dancer and also the amazing opportunity of performing in the West End in front of some well-known celebrities.

I will continue to work hard and create more opportunities for myself.


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