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Face 60.

My name is Andrew Lonita. I am originally from Romania and I am a professional dancer, model and actor. As a child I wanted to achieve something great with my life and I also wanted to make my parents proud.

Growing up, I was passionate about dancing and entertainment. I was always present at different competitions in my city, dreaming that one day I will be on stage performing to millions of people. I always thought about body movement and how I could dance and express myself through this medium. Though I was very young, I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew I had to believe in myself regardless of the difficulties I encountered.

I started dancing at the age of 8 when I saw one of my friends from school breakdance. I was captivated and interested at his body movements and I was eager to learn more moves like that. Soon, dancing became part of my life. It became everything I dreamt of and everything I did was centred around dance and entertainment. I started to work harder, dancing, training and making sure to push myself to the spotlight.

I danced everywhere and when I turned 16, I became a member of a professional dance crew where I started to learn more dance techniques, control, breathing and how to react in front of an audience when performing on stage. When I am on stage I am the happiest in the world and I feel that people give me energy and positivity.

I started to have contact with artistic life, winning various dance competitions and performing at many events. I started to believe in myself and my talent, and finally started to realise that my life can be on stage. Over the years, I entered the artistic world improving my dance styles and dancing for various artists from Romania and from other countries. Once I got in this world, I realized that to be the best, I had to be dedicated, hardworking and serious about dancing and entertainment. I sacrificed a lot of my free time to learn and develop my skill, so I could be the best.

Although my parents did not believe in me, I was lucky that they left me alone to decide what was best for me, so I decided to do everything I could to be on top and make them proud. I started going to different countries, learning from the best dancers. One day, I had an offer from England from a former participant in Britain’s Got Talent, 2012. I worked with him for four years, travelling all over England to perform. Now my career is steadily growing, and I have decided to settle down in London. I am also modelling now, and I have had several photoshoots and modelled for various brands, made appearances in music videos and television shows.

In all these years, I have built my character. Now, I take what is best from the people I meet, to be positive and confident in myself.


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