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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Face 99.

I'm a young lady who wants nothing but to perform and inspire people. Dancing

in front of big audiences is something that brings joy To my soul. I always dreamt

of being on stage, since I was a little girl. I always found it fascinating to be on stage,

in front of an audience and at the end of the show everyone would applaud.

When I was in Romania, I studied music. The idea of playing an instrument was nice. But I soon realized that music was not for me. I wanted more than this and I dreamt about being on stage, performing, showing people what I could do.

It all started with a passion for acting, but then during college I realised how much I loved dancing. It was amazing putting ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a choreographic piece.

The moment I finished college, I pursued my biggest passion, which is dancing. I am now studying a contemporary dance course with City Academy in London and I'm happy to say I've been doing this since May 2017.

I never thought I'd be able to dance, as people always discouraged me, but that didn't make me stop. It made me want to continue and prove everybody wrong. I truly believe this is something people should live by otherwise, where would we be if we listened to people that discouraged us? It is important to follow your heart. Besides dancing, I like modelling and painting. I would like to say I'm a confident individual, and I like posing for the camera. It makes me feel powerful and it boosts my confidence. While modelling, I have met a lot of people which I absolutely love.

As I continue to work hard on achieving my dream, I hope and wish that I get far in the industry. Even though I have other important priorities, I aim to work hard at acting, modelling and dancing.

I find it really hard sometimes to stay positive especially with modelling. I struggle with a positive attitude because I tend to compare myself with other models and start to think that I won’t get really far. I am working very hard at avoiding such negative thoughts and concentrating on my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I am very lucky because I have a wonderful family and friends who always support and motivate me. I enjoy painting also, but this is just a hubby.


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