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The Adventures of Dele The Street Kid

The Adventures of Dele The Street Kid. A few years ago, during a summer trip to Lagos, Nigeria, Tomi experienced a situation that left her in wonder. Sat in an Uber waiting for the traffic light to turn green, she noticed a street kid standing by the side of the road under the heat of the blazing sun. A million thoughts crossed her mind as she gazed at the child's vulnerability in such a busy chaotic environment. The honk of a car distracted her thoughts; right beside Tomi's Uber, an expensive 4x4 truck pulled up with a child of similar age sat in the back seat. The lives of the two children could not be more different.


The Adventures of Dele the Street Kid series tells imagined stories of challenges and adventures a street kid could face on a daily basis. Tomi's stories aim to capture the desires, hopes and dreams of a street kid, while entertaining and educating young and adult readers alike.

The Adventures of Dele The Street Kid: Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick is published under her company in the UK, USA and UAE.

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