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About  a1000faces
"I believe that each person's face tells a unique story."

a1000faces represents a collection of faces gathered over time of people from different backgrounds, ages and skin colour. With the aim of capturing several faces of everyday people with fascinating lives, I want to show the uniqueness and beauty of each face through photo, but also capture interests, dreams, goals and aspirations through stories.

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About Me
"I have two passions; teaching and photography."

My project tells the story of unique people just like me, on a mission to work hard on their passion and to achieve it by working hard.

I absolutely love teaching early years. I have spent over a decade working with 3-5 year olds and helping to shape young minds in London, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE; and my experience so far have been truly astounding.


The amazing stories behind the faces.


"I immediately wanted to be part of the 1000 faces of which she is creating a universal family. Initially I was super nervous as I have never been too comfortable in front of a camera. However, Tomi had a natural way to make me un-conscious of the camera lens and inspired me to be just me. It's an honour to be a member of this family she is creating as a beautiful legacy for all of us!"


~ Zari Jafri

Artist, Face No. 14

Get in touch if you have any questions 

regarding the a1000faces project.

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