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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Face 25.

I have always been confident as a performer. My first appearance on stage was a solo song at four years old. At nine years old, I received a full scholarship for a year’s training at the Top Hat Theatre School. I was also cast in a local production of musical Les Miserables. I had my first taste of being part of the filming process when I was cast as an extra in a student short film. From then on with lots of support from my family, I got an agent who then sent me for castings for TV, theatre and films.

Even though both my parents work, acting at my age can cost a lot. Part-time theatre schools for acting, dancing & singing training is quite expensive, and you have to travel there. Even going for a 5-minute casting costs a lot of money.

I started filming in student films that were fun to do but with no pay or the money paid was for travel expenses. But I got a lot of experience which, I think everyone needs to evolve. To make sure my acting CV is up-to-date, I have had a few photoshoots on a time for print basis which, is brilliant for me as I then have up to date photos of me regularly for free but which, give me modelling experience. I really want to be an actress, but it is great fun being on photoshoots. I love the hair and make-up and recently I had a 1980s-styled shoot. I had to wear a leotard and have my hair crimped, it was brilliant.

I have been in feature films, music videos and I have featured on many TV programmes, most recently in a popular British soap, only as an extra. I am fortunate to have an acting tutor whom I see every two weeks for acting and I have singing lessons. I was recently awarded an Arts Award from my hometown’s Arts Guild which, helps me continue my singing lessons. With the help of my acting tutor I hope to gain a lead role in the future.

I work hard at school and keep up with my studies. I am also involved in many activities at school and I am a school ambassador which, I am very proud of. This gives me the experience of helping the community and my school and I’m a member of the town’s youth council.

Being an actor is tough, there is a lot to learn before you even have a script, and there is never a guarantee that you are going to be invited to an audition. For every yes there are lots of no’s, but I have to keep going if I want to achieve my dream. As Emma Watson, my inspiration says, “It’s a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.”


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