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Face 102.

Who I am today is a combination of all the things. Each smile and every tear.

During my childhood and early teenage years, my family and I would move houses

almost annually. However, from the ages of 12 to 15 these moves were pretty

drastic causing me to have to change schools every time we got a new house. My

childhood was overall filled with laughter, but the instability and lack of

secure social connection left me not knowing who I was.

So, I ran. I ran from reality straight into a life filled with alcohol, weed and

parties. I did not admit to myself that I was trying to fill a hole so I kept my

distance from what was true, which only led me further astray.

Then I fell so hard. I tumbled and the friends I thought loved me kicked me while

I was down. I felt I had lost all dignity and the void I was trying to fill only


This is where God found me. He breathed life into my passion for writing and

music. A place where I can feel utterly timeless, at complete peace. My present

calling lies in ‘’, A website I created. My goal to lead

people in the direction of their true identity because no one needs to fall as I


I always say “passion is a never-ending conversation” When your heart is in

something, no matter what it is you can talk about it until the sun sets and

rises again. Once you learn to mix passion and dedication, I believe you create

an unstoppable force.

I, myself, am only starting. 19 years old with a vision. If I could give advice to

anyone it would be this: Never resent small beginnings. You have to start

somewhere. What you do may not look like how you envision it,

but this does not mean it will never get there. So work like you have arrived.

Build in yourself the person you want to be so when you do get there you will be

prepared for whatever may come your way.


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