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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Face 21.

My name is Irma Bulaityte. I am originally from Lithuania, but I have been living in the United Kingdom, London, since 2003. Modeling is my passion. I love my work and what I do. I am hard working and I put a hundred percent into every opportunity.

I never give up, and I have learnt that having a very positive attitude is very important in the modeling industry. I look forward to opportunities that allow me to experience new places, meet new people and set positive example for others. I am a very ambitious person and I always take one step further to achieve something better than before.

I have always wanted to be a model and an actress from a young age and people have always commented on my looks and strong personality which, gave me the impetus to follow my dreams. I started dancing at the age of 14 and modeled all through my teenage years.

I have worked hard, and I am very proud of my many achievements. I was in the U.K Top Models 2017 grand finals, and more than 4000 models entered the competition. I was also a finalist for two other miss Pageant competitions, ‘Face of the Globe, 2017’ and a finalist and Miss Galaxy U.K 2017. Miss Galaxy is one of the leading beauty pageants in the U.K and competing in it was an incredible experience. I am looking forward to competing in the Miss Diamond, UK next year April and continuing to fulfil my dreams.

I have had the opportunity to appear in many popular TV commercial, adverts, Hollywood films, Bollywood films, music videos as a featured actress, lead model or supporting background artist. Through my hard work and dedication to be the best I can be, I have met and worked with amazing leading London photographers like Hana Zielinska, Belanova, Sultan Rahi and many more. I have modeled in London Fashion Week and met so many amazing designers. In 2014, I was selected as Model of the year.

My goal is to continue to work hard and push myself to make it into the acting industry and also to be recognized as a model. I will never give up on my dreams. I will continue to follow them until I reach the heights of my career as an actress and a model. My advice to myself and anyone who has a dream is, ‘It’s never too late for anything. You have one life, make the most of it and don’t waste your talent. If you’ve got it, go for it’.


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