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Face 30.

How can I be a better person? A better mother, wife, teacher and artist. How can I transmute my weaknesses into wisdom? How can I use my talents to benefit myself and others?

These are the questions that I constantly ask myself. Creativity is like my therapist, spiritual guide and teacher all wrapped in one. It heals, inspires and helps me to learn more about who I am. Creating also gives me an opportunity to shape the world around me. I am striving to live a life of purpose and balance. Service has always been important to me. All my career paths lead back to helping others. As I mature, I am seeking ways to bring my love of family, health and music together.

I have grown so much as a person since I moved to the UAE. My first year, I was blessed to deliver my daughter in a water birth at Cromwell hospital in Al Ain, UAE. Over the past 3 years, I have taught a group of girls that now feel like my younger sisters. Watching them mature and learning about the UAE culture, through teaching events, has expanded my world view. As a musician, I have had some amazing experiences. I have collaborated with pioneers in the art scene in the UAE, such as Whitecube, Dorian Rodgers (Abu Dhabi Soul), and Sadiece Holland (The FLEX,). I’ve performed my original music throughout the UAE. I’ve also had the honor of performing with Carl and Reda Marfia at Beats on the Beach and Du Arena, Abu Dhabi in front of an audience of thousands. Living in Abu Dhabi reinforced the importance of having a vision and trying. There is much to be gained in stepping out on faith and doing your best in every situation.

As my platform grows, I am focused on having something useful to share with others. Across the planet, people are struggling on many levels. It’s important for artists to express genuinely and give space for those who don't have the same reach. While living in Abu Dhabi, I formed friendships with individuals from different cultures. These relationships have confirmed my belief that we have more similarities than differences. We all possess strengths, weakness, fears and ambitions. We are connected. Our individual conditions either simulates growth or stagnates the people we touch. It serves us all when people are treated with humanity and given an opportunity to shine their lights. This is where music, health, teaching and family life converge for me. In whatever role I am fulfilling, I want to influence others to be stronger, wiser, and more inspired.

I have so much music and poetry that I have written over the years that part of me just wants to record everything on my phone, upload it to Soundcloud, and be done with it. But, I know there is learning that takes place in completing the creative process, so I will be patient.

My husband is a personal trainer and yoga instructor. Together we host wellness workshops that blend movement with live music and vital foods. The vibe is always nice and there is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a genuine and relaxed way.

I don’t always share my dreams in their infancy, but since you’re still reading, maybe you can help us hold this vision. My husband and I want to learn, teach, and travel with our children. We will document healers form around the world and exchange what we have learned about wellness and art. I think I’ll find that perfect balance of family, health, teaching and music, if I sing along the way.

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