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Face 87.

My name is Athalia. It is a Hebrew name which means, “God is Great”. My mummy says she and daddy searched every language for unique names with meanings, so that each time someone calls my name, it’s a prayer.

I am quite tall for my age. I am the tallest in my class, and I'm almost as tall as my big cousin. I have just finished reception class and moving to a new class in September 2017. I have a younger sister called Eliora and she is three years old. We are both hoping mummy will give us a baby brother someday, but I don’t know when because she keeps telling us to pray about it.

My mom tells me that I was fourty-two weeks old when she had me and that during labour she pushed and pushed but I wouldn’t come out. So, she had to be mechanically assisted and when I finally came out I was all blue. She said I was a very quiet baby and enjoyed listening to classical music. She also told me that, as a baby, I lost all my hair because she started plaiting my hair too early. Now I am older and my hair is very beautiful.

I love going to school. My favourite things to do at school are drawing, writing, painting and learning Spanish. My dad is so proud of me and tells everyone that I speak Spanish, even though I just know a few words, numbers and songs. In my reception class, I have been, “Writer of the week” 7 weeks in a row and also, “Star of the week”.

I love singing and swimming which, I am getting very good at. When I started swimming, I was so frightened, and I wouldn’t step into the pool the first month. But I continued to challenge myself and now I am very confident.

In my 5 years, I have visited Lego Land, Peppa Pig World and Drayton Manor theme park. My biggest dream is to get on an airplane, especially to visit Nigeria, where my parents are from, to see my other cousins.

When I grow up, I want to be a Nurse like my mum, so I can help people like she does. I want to save lives and make people better, especially my grandma, whom I love so very much because she is really great and loving. She has a lot of pain in her knees which, stops her from doing a lot of fun activities with us when she takes us to the park, but she still tries.

Currently, I am on StarNow Casting. They are the leading auditions and jobs website for actors, extras, models, dancers and much more. I have enjoyed the experiences so far as I have been on set of a movie as an extra, I have been called for photoshoots and I am looking forward to so many more experiences in the near future.


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