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Face 34.

Every morning I wake up with the thought of wanting to spread smiles and positivity among people through my work, and being an actor gives me an excellent platform to be able to bring about a change in the life of an individual. I want to take up projects that not only entertains people but at the same time educates them.

I believe when there is love and hospitality, good things always happen and UAE has definitely been one of the reasons for my success. It is a country that has been a home away from “Home” - A global village in itself with people so welcoming to different nationalities and here in this country, I have been able to meet and work with directors and media personalities from different parts of the world, who have given me the chance to be a part of their projects, many of whom I am good friends with now.

As an artist, I have had amazing experiences working for various projects like the DU national day Advertisement, Sharjah tourism, Bollywood movies like Airlift and Bewakoofiyan, Suzuki, Prime Hospital, Galerie Hamadan, Global Home, Tresemme , Sharjah mosque TVC, Dubai tourism , Dubai park & resorts , Hafilat Abu Dhabi, Commercial Services and the Cityscape exhibition and also have done photoshoots for well-known companies and banks such as Mashreq bank, Abu Dhabi Chamber, Al Ain zoo education centre and DP World . When I look at the work I have done so far, I feel blessed.

I still remember the day when I started my modeling and acting career here in UAE, in those days the budget for the shoot was very low, in which I found it hard to manage my meals, but I still continued and never gave up. It was the passion that drove me to continue my journey and make my dreams come true. I truly believe that in order to be successful and reach your goals you need to face a few hardships and struggle but with your hard work, dedication and your honesty towards your work, you can achieve it.

My father has always been my inspiration. I have always looked up to him because he is strong, focused, disciplined, humble and down to earth which, I believe are some of the qualities that I have taken up from him that has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. He has sacrificed a lot in his life to give the family all the comforts and get his children educated. Moreover, he has encouraged me to pursue my career in modelling and through my work I want to make him feel proud of me.

I think media is an influential medium to connect with people and being in the field of advertising and acting, I feel it is my responsibility to do work that helps me give back to the society, inform people, educate them, motivate and inspire them.

My current goal is to do a lot of quality work that could be seen as an example in the future for which, I have started training in working on different languages, my physique and reading a lot of books. I also plan to brush up my acting skills by enrolling myself in a good acting class.

I want to be the best I can each day. I still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. Some years down the line, I wish to have my own company that would tap fresh talent and help them achieve their goals in acting and modelling through proper training, giving them the right exposure that they need.

Every day I remind myself, if u want to achieve your dreams you need to wake up and chase it!

Work hard for it! It will surely become a reality


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