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Face 41.

I left my home country at the age of three and grew up in a gorgeous city called Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), or what I would call it, “My Hollywood”, a place where dreams come true. As a young girl, I had a positive outlook on life no matter the circumstances. I always desired to change the world for the better through small things that turn into a massive impact for a fruitful future. In my life, there are always people who would tell me that I couldn’t achieve what I planned to obtain, that I was a young girl who knew nothing about the world. I had people my age tell me to just sit down and not run after my goals and that it would be a waste of time to spread uniqueness. My parents, on the other hand, always told me to dream big, soar high and run far, supporting me all the way in every single thing I do.

I found passion in arts as I won the champion prize in my first drawing competition entitled, “My Home, My UAE”. It triggered a humongous feeling of bliss and exhilaration that if I, a four-year-old at that time, could achieve this award, then anything is truly possible. I then discovered at nine years old that I loved to speak and share ideas in front of people. I was extremely expressive using many different platforms such as writing, painting and public speaking. I wanted to create equilibrium between doing what I love, studying hard and having time for myself as well as time for the people I love. With this balance that I practiced my whole school life, I was able to capture a spot every year as a top honor student of my batch.

I became Student Council President and helped solve issues as well as providing an ear to those in need. I progressed to my senior high school with highest honors from ‘The Philippine Global School’ to ‘Al Raha International School’ which, is known to be one of Abu Dhabi’s most outstanding schools with a heart of gold and a mind of positivity.

At the age of fourteen, I had taken part in a rigorous and fun debate, writing and analyzing competition called, ‘World Scholars Cup’, where thousands of scholars from all over the globe come together and compete. With hard work and a resilient mind, I was able to become the 9th best debater among 2,500 scholars who came together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It made me become stronger and willing to go full force in everything I do. I even got the 3rd top scholars and 2nd best debater in, ‘The World Scholars Cup’, Abu Dhabi and one of the best scholars in Bangkok, Thailand.

I won an award for a special video making in 2016 about the UAE’s culture, spreading awareness for peace and love. I’ve been a representative in many countless activities, various sports meet and became the person I aspired to be when I was young, all because I believed in myself.

I won the Young Achiever award by ‘The Filipino Times’, 2017 amongst many because of my advocacy and what I do. I found my passion, took opportunities by the hand, ignored negativity, envisioned positivity, never gave up and became as firm as a diamond shining brighter than thousand suns. So, for anyone out there dreaming big, don’t stop because one day, you’ll get what you’ve worked hard for. With your faith and resilience, anything is possible.


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