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Face 85.

Living with anxiety caused me several issues growing up. The most prominent issue I had growing up was a stammer. From about five years of age, I developed a stammer in my speech which, prevented me from participating often in lessons and severely damaged my confidence and self-esteem. Throughout high-school, it was tough because whenever I had to read in class or give an answer to a question, there was always that worry and fear of ‘What if I stammered?’ and, ‘How will my friends react to that?’

Things got worse a few years later during high school when I was diagnosed with ulcer and appendicitis. I had to go through multiple surgeries that failed forcing me to be hospitalised for about five months. Up till my final year, I was living in worry and grief, you could say I was in depression. I was close to anorexia, weighing about 45kg, and my life was just not going the way I had thought. At the end of high school, I was inspired by a youtuber called, “Fouseytube”. He changed my life.

I started a 90-day gym programme that fostered my obsession with fitness. I set myself goals and believed that I could achieve them. My confidence grew, and I started modelling. I also learnt to drive and became a more optimistic and dedicated individual. I changed my life from one of anxiety and grief into health and dreams. Now, I aim to be successful by helping others by giving them fitness advice. If I can do it, I truly believe anyone can, if they set their minds to it. I think we are all the same. We just need the passion and ambition to drive us to change our lives.

I am still young, and my journey is only just beginning. I have big dreams and I will commit all that I am to hard work in order to make those dreams a reality.


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