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Face 98.

My name is Molly and I am 15 years old. I aspire to be the future top model featured in magazines and TV commercials. When I was a little girl I always dreamt about getting my makeup and hair done and being in the spotlight giving it everything I've got.

My passion came from Estelle Darlings. She has such an amazing voice and she always participates in charity events. Even though I'm not the best singer, I still attempt to sing like her.

So far, my age has been a problem because I have been told many times when I go on shoots that I am too young and that my age isn't what they need for the job. It is a struggle because it is difficult trying to figure out where to search and what to look for in the industry.

My confidence has been knocked a few times because I'm not size six, but I still work hard for what I want to achieve, and I truly believe everybody should do that too. I have had some amazing experiences so far, especially photoshoots with top agencies. I was happy to work on my portfolio recently. I had my makeup and hair done which, was really exciting because I have always wanted to learn about makeup professionally. During a photoshoot, I was really shy and found posing quite tricky and difficult. However, I got a lot of support from the photographer. I felt comfortable and I began to pose by myself and the whole process became easier.

I am working hard on getting an online presence. I have a Facebook page dedicated to my modeling called, ‘Molly Rose’. I am connected to various modeling groups where I can apply for jobs and I am connected to other modeling agencies and waiting eagerly for work.

Although I haven’t had a paid job yet, I am enjoying the journey and many experiences.

Once I finish school next year and get all the high grades I hope to get, I will apply for more auditions again and become more open to go to photo shoots and group auditions.

In ten years, I see myself working as a full-time model and building my career. I want to be independent and make decisions for myself. In the mean-time I am going to a lot of auditions to get into scholarships and theatre groups. I will do everything it takes!

I love to travel, so somewhere in my future I hope to become an international model. I believe that if you have a dream, try hard to live that dream and when people stand in the way, don't get discouraged, bring yourself up and show them what you are capable of.


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