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Face 39.

I am an expert in the science of motivating people to accomplish and pursue their greatest gifts, with a personal philosophy of, “Be Your Absolute Best Self”. I have combined my years as a freelance writer, sales, marketing and speaking to build confidence in others by helping solo entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally, to take on and aspire to make an impact for the people they help. Born in Washington DC and raised in California, I am enthusiastic about helping people to know that success is just a mindset. Along with being a mother to two, celebrating and enjoying time with family is essential, and helping others reach massive profitable results and continue to win in their businesses has given me the rewards of seeing others win in a big way. I understand the problem and give solutions to business owners so that they can do what they love and help the people who need them the most.

My unique approach has allowed many who know me to strive for more and take actionable steps to win. I recognize that fear, frustrations, disappointments, doubt, worry, stress, are factors for many people. But I suggest taking steps that push past these feelings and continue pursuing amazing goals.

One of my strategies I urge others to follow is to know what you really want to achieve. To do things in your life and in your business that bring you joy and happiness. I suggest this is the greatest achievement. Growing up in Ventura, California, I understood quickly the value of positivity. My mother taught me to be positive and optimistic throughout every experience. I observed my mother consistently helping others, and the gratitude they felt toward her love and kindness. I admit, my mom, continues to be my role model for success. With this along with my education, I graduated from University of Maryland - College Park and Kendall College, and working in New York at a top advertising agency, I built my profession with confidence and loads of positivity to help others to do what they love and create joy within their lives and business.

Everyone can convey positivity and optimism, by doing what you really love. I initiate that understanding your purpose and moving and taking actions to accomplish this is a key factor to happiness. We all have a gift, we have to share that with the world, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. I feel that getting started and staying consistent is drawn by fear. Yet, I firmly believe that getting past fear which, can be identified by frustration, worry, doubt, stress or even others who don’t believe in your dream, can ultimately be your greatest success. I firmly believe that taking great actions to do what you love, can diminish any feelings of fear and continue to bring the joy and happiness people are looking for. It can make the biggest change in their life, their relationships, and ultimately in their business.

Understanding that pursuing what you really want to do and taking the right actions will allow for more joy and happiness. I admit it takes courage to take actions every day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built. I also initiate the importance of moving forward and celebrating your wins along the way. I have gained a lot of wisdom from practicing what I teach, staying positive and taking actions to be a successful motivating leader and speaker who understands the value of doing what you love so that you can be the positive change in the world.


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