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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Face 22.

The darkness descended twenty years ago. Both my parents were in poor health and as the only son, I was trying to look after their well-being. One day my wife Donna fell down stairs and cut her head badly, this was followed by other regular accidents. One morning, Donna woke up with a tingling sensation in her arm. After many hospital tests, Multiple Sclerosis was confirmed.

Earth shattering news. We had three young children and I was self-employed, working long hours. The illness was progressive and within a few short weeks the disabilities got worse. In total turmoil, I cut back my working hours to become a carer and used credit cards to supplement my income. I tried for care help and a disability pension, but both were rejected. During this dark time, both my parents died.

Why our mum? was the repeated question from our children. I had no answers! I became a late-night cleaner, in the hope of earning some extra income. I was working 24/7, my health was now in free fall. I suffered from two heart scares, internal bleeding, a near nervous breakdown and suicidal thoughts which, finally got me some help from Social Services. But it was too little too late.

Donna saw our son graduate and attended his wedding, with carers in attendance. Shortly afterwards, Donna became hospital bed bound for several months, in terrible pain and with all her dignity in tatters, she sadly died on the 23rd December 2014. Christmas would never be the same.

Our mourning and loss remain but my life would change by chance. I went with my son to keep him company at a film extra casting session. The film was called ‘Final Score’, with a multi-million budget. Somehow, I was chosen from the crowd and offered a casting role. After my filming ended, the same casting director offered me another film, and this is how it has continued ever since. From August 2016, I have featured in seventeen films, and three have been credited on IMDb. I have had many roles from a father to an MI6 Agent and from a psychiatric patient to a Judge. It still seems like a dream when I am in make-up or reading a script.

I have made appearances in many music videos, and I really enjoyed appearing in ‘One’, by Kovic Band which, has 3m views to date. I have also featured on live tv for Channel 5, and numerous TV pilots has added to my experience.

I have worked on promotions and modelling. In January 2016, I made my debut at London Fashion Week, this is the ultimate for any model. This was amazing and the buzz that surrounds the show is unbelievable. The following day, I was featured in Vogue online and other leading fashion sites. Since then, I have been developing the modelling sector and feel this is my favourite. There are many more exciting projects ahead.

My life is back on track. If I could have one wish, it would be to have my wife, Donna back with me, healthy and sharing my brightness.


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